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About eFamilyTV

What is an Exceptional Family?
From the New Oxford American English Dictionary:


• unusually good; outstanding
• (of a child) mentally or physically disabled so as to require special schooling : helping parents of
exceptional children.

We at eFamilyTV realize raising a child with special needs takes an extra amount of care as well as stress. Doctor appointments, therapies, treatments, surgeries, g-tubes, wheelchairs, communication devices – the family unit as a whole goes through extraordinary circumstances in comparison to other “typical” families. It is for this reason we call these families “Exceptional” as it defines the unusually good and outstanding role they play in the lives of their children.

Exceptional Family TV is about, for and to serve YOU. We promise to deliver engaging weekly episodes specifically designed for exceptional families.

This is your online, home destination. eFamilyTV focuses on parents/families/caregivers raising children with special needs (ages 0-21), with the future goal of covering topics pertaining to parents/caregivers for those in the adult age beyond 21-years of age.

Our Story
Nathan & Renee Charlan, parents of a child with special needs, connected with and found insight from many exceptional families online through social networking, blogs and forums. This led to the creation of Exceptional Family TV, an online home destination for families raising children with special needs featuring an episodic online docu-reality series, along with blogs, news articles, a forum, and a place to connect.
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Meet the Team
Nathan & Renee Charlan formed the concept of Exceptional Family TV. With the help of EFTV’s partners, they transformed EFTV from a lofty idea to a reality. Nathan & Renee are the parents of a boy with special needs. Discover their family's personal journey, and also learn their son's unique story.
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Key Partners
Exceptional Family TV started with the help of two main partner companies coming together to work on this incredible project for parents raising children with special needs. Bridgeworks Creative built and maintains the website, and Warm Springs Productions helped produce and edit the first 10 episodes of season one. Each company has an impressive bio and helped make EFTV a reality.
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