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Five Things You Should Know About a Special Needs Family

Oswald FamilyOur journey as a special needs family has had amazing highs and astonishing lows. Through it all, I've experienced the joys of a family growing stronger together in the face of a true unknown with Katy's chromosome deletion. Even with all of that strength, we are still faced daily with obstacles and emotions that we don't show many - if any - people at all. In the interest of helping others understand what goes on in our lives every day, here are five things you should know about a - or rather about our - special needs family, at least through my eyes. 1. We’re ostracized. Whether you realize it or not, we’re outsiders. We have a...

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Katy on TV

For those of you who missed it, here (we hope this works now) is the link to the television piece on Katy:

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