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I'm still here just busy being mummy

Hi guys,

I know, I know been forever since I put anything out there, but like any other parent there are just never enough hours despite all my good intentions to keep the cyber world updated on the goings on of my family and my thoughts on where I feel am at in life. So here goes.

Mahailia and Mary-Anne are both doing well, they are 20 and 5 months respectively. Mahailia is "fun" now in both good and bad senses of the word, the good being that she is verbally letting us know what goes on in her world or what she wants from us.... She is also very much aware now of my Cerebral Palsy and what this means for me, so she is a good helper. Although she is being the typical two year old that everyone expects, tantrums are a daily occurance, the word "NO" now is our favourite along with asking Adam and myself (what seems to be every two seconds) "What's that?" Mahaila now knows how to reach the door knobs/ handles in the house and seems to think that getting ones self out of bed and jump on mummy and daddy's bed at 6 am is the best game in the world.... (Mummy says not when I am still waking twice a night to feed miss Mary-Anne) Also at the age Mahailia is I find discipline e.g the naughty  chair a bit hard at the moment because for one she is heavy for me and she knows that I can't chase after her too well, so I find that more an emotional struggle because I don't want to always rely on adam to discipline. For me that sends the message that Mahailia can get away with naughty behaviour with me.

Mary-Anne is also doing very well, she has learnt to roll from her back to belly and back again and thinks that she is the biggest smarty pants EVER lol, she loves watching what any of us are doing on a day to day basis and she loves to be loud with baby chatter, and is always smiling. She gets really cheeky with her sister.Mary also loves snuggles with me in the baby carrier, she is a far more cuddlier baby than Mahailia. Mary will sit with ANYONE hours on end and cuddle.

I find too that some people even with the second child now can not seem to compehend the fact that Adam DOES NOT do EVERYTHING when it comes to raising the girls. Quite often we still get " How are you coping?" (Aimed at Adam) and  through gritted teeth he answers "F-I-N-E" and sometimes more often than not I feel like screaming "hello, what about me??? you might be shocked to know that I/ME does alot for myself and my girls I get up in the middle of the night, play with them, cuddle them discipline them, etc.... I'm not just an incubator "

Makes me wonder what gives people the right to assume that all the work is left for Adam, if I felt I wasn't capable of raising children then I would not have had them. Our relationship is just like everyone elses we may do things a little differently, but our relationship/ marriage is a partnership not a one way street and I think alot of people need to realise and accept this, that special needs or not we all nrrd and want a chance to achieve everything and anything and with that little bit of food for thoughth this mamma is logging off...

Sammy x 

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