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the little things

It is the little things in life that you begin to appreciate as you get older and the journey of life twists and turns and things pop up. I say this today as my mamma walked out the front door, after doing “Christmas” with the girls the best gift for me though is not the materialistic items, but the hugs, the conversation and the HUGS. Personally I never get enough of those.

It's also the laughs with the girls, the time they spend telling their nanna about what they have been doing at home and at daycare, reading their process reports (yes even if they do have grammatical errors) I appreciate all this more than is realised...

Those readers that have followed my blog posts from the beginning or for a long time get a glimpse of just how close mamma and I are. I also think that our relationship has gotten stronger since I had the girls, I begin to understand and comprehend many of the things that she has tried to tell me through the years prior to having kids. As the kids grow too I am seeing there bond grow strong with her; but I also see the joy in her face every time she has the opportunity to do so it makes me melt to see it, but I'm glad that my girls have strong bonds with their family and it is absolute proof that family doesn't always mean blood related but a highlight that family is a picture of ONE thing and that is LOVE.

It doesn't matter, how rich or how poor, educational or academic status One thing that I am forever grateful for my adoptive family for forever teaching me and demonstrating to me is that love truly knows no boundaries and that if you have love you are indeed truly rich and blessed, but its also about loving yourself and letting people in your heart to truly love you the way you need and deserved to be loved.

My life is stronger and more fulfilled because of what I have and what I have learnt. My girls are growing up laughing, smiling and loving just as they should. Because of this I now look forward to things like Christmas, birthdays and of course random time with my mamma whether that be her working a train or visits in my lounge room sipping coffee and talking about anything and everything.

I didn’t want this blog to be about me and our goings on (as nice as it is) I wanted to take the time to encourage all my readers to appreciate the small things in our lives and in this world that pushes us to be materialist take the time to STOP and truly see what we have. Feel each hug, use words wisely but think of what they mean, but never take it for granted. Just be thankful and don't forget to SMILE!


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