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Rant but a bit of thinking for everyone

Ok so it has been a heck of a long time since I posted anything, it is the same old story for anyone who has little ones “life gets busy” but with this post it has been swirling around in my head and it isn't really on one topic in particular its just really a whole bunch of things. So this post is somewhat different to the hi we're good/ alive.....

I am really lucky to have two beautiful girls and like any other parent whilst pregnant with both girls I had my questions in regards as to how would I cope and a whole bunch of what ifs etc. Nothing unusual right? All pretty normal. I guess though what was a bit “abnormal” was the whispers of “People like that shouldn't breed / have children” or referring to my husband saying “poor thing he will have to do EVERYTHING”

yeah ok those comments hurt and sting but they also have contradictions and by that I mean they widen the the equality cap so much when in this day and age those in the “minority group” of special needs have society fight along with them to change stereotypes and perceptions so that we can shine in this world. On one hand society encourages us to try and strive for what we need/ want in this life regardless whether disabled or not because they claim to “see past” our issues, but then on the other hand its the same society that claims that persons with a disability shouldn't have the same rights as those whom are able-bodied to start or add to a family.

Really it annoys me to no end because it is fence sitting at it's finest, you either support whole heartedly on all issues or not at all....

we are people too with social, emotional and physical needs ( and yes that includes sex) But seriously as a person with a wife, mother, and person with a disability I have lost count at the number of looks Adam and I get when you say “yes they are our kids, yes we are married and yes conceived all ah-la natural” its kind of like oh my god you have sex and you can see it in their face without looking too hard.

My hope is that as my girls grow and mature in this world is that their generation is a society that can put disability and parenthood in the same sentence without battering eye-lids and understand that offspring to those disabled parents are loved, wanted and cared for just the same (sometimes life is just that little bit more fun when your parents ride in wheelchairs or walk on walkers)

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