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An update on the four of us

Hey guys, 

Just touching base with everyone, we are all doing really well. Mary-Anne is now nine weeks and thriving she now weighs 8Ib 13 oz at the moment she is putting on a pound or so a month and since birth grown four centermetres! And we are also getting plenty of smiles.

I'm also back at physio too which is a good feeling but a lot to juggle with two girls under the age of two but it is so worth it for my family, also another thing I have noticed siince becoming a mother again is tha people seem to look/ stare more now more than they did when I was a mother of just one child. I just find now that I just have to igore it more now. Times like that though I wish my life was "normal" but given the fact that we live in a small town and no one here considers it out of the blue for us to have kids we notice it so much more when we travel out of town which is often.

We are also getting excited for christmas in our household too as Mahailia is beginning to understand what goes on so it is all really exciting.

I hope everyone is doing well. Will write soon.

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