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More Confirmation

I received an email tonight confirming the path that we are on with Lilly. I don't know if many of you have dealt much with doctors and alternative treatment but it isn't very pleasant. They don't mean harm, they are just so busy with patients they don't have time to research all that's out there. Most of you know about the glyconutrients we have been giving Lilly since Nov. 06. For the rest I'll fill you in. Basically, our bodies are made up of cells. The cells are covered in chains of sugars. These sugars join with sugars on other cells to communicate and identify one another. When the sugars aren't present, communication can't happen or gets messed up. Glyconutrients are nutrition for the communication system. When the cells have proper nutrition the body can do what it was created to do: heal itself and live well. When we started Lilly on glyconutrients she was just over a year old. At that time a lot of Lilly's time was spent just laying or sitting on a blanket. She didn't cry when you put her there or cry to be picked up. You could go...

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