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Nancy Douglas

Healing for Parents of Disabled Children

“With tears in my eyes and a bony finger pointing toward the heavens, I shouted my biggest grievance of all… “God why won’t you heal her?” In response He said, “Nancy, I won’t heal her for two reasons. First of all, you want her healed for you. You don’t want her healed so much for her sake as you want it for you. You want out. Second, I can do more through not healing her than if I do.” ----- Freedom.

In the pages of Freedom, Nancy Douglas candidly shares the pain, grief, and trials of having a disabled child. From the initial storm of discovering her daughter was Autistic, deaf, and Failure to Thrive, to the agony of knowing she would never receive physical healing, her compelling and honest account of life with a special needs child will transform the heart of all who read it. Walk with Nancy through the pages of her journey and discover for yourself the true and lasting freedom God has waiting for you!

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EFTV wrote 5 years 27 weeks ago


You can now download your copy of "Freedom" for only $5.


Aviphotos wrote 5 years 22 weeks ago

How do we find the download

How do we find the download for $5? The link took me to a page that is a little more. I know it doesn't seem like much but with no child support or income coming in right now besides Tyler's SSI, $5 is about all I have on my card and I feel like I really need this book right now in this journey that has taken a hard turn in many ways for me. Can someone please email me with a link to the $5 download?

Thanks for all you do...


Nathan Charlan wrote 5 years 21 weeks ago

Hi Tami - I sent your

Hi Tami - I sent your question to Nancy. The link for the $5 download may be an old one that is obsolete now. It seems that the price for the download is now set at about $7.50. But you can also message Nancy directly by using the EFTV messaging system in the top right menu. Click on "Messages", then type in Nancy Douglas's name and you'll be able to send her a direct message through the site. Thanks!

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