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BridgeWorks Creative

BridgeWorks Creative

BWC is a web development and internet marketing firm based in Bozeman, Montana. BWC specializes in working with individuals and businesses to build customized web platforms with targeted goals. With a primary initiative for substantial growth and breakthrough results, BWC focuses on collaborating and producing efficient, functional and well-crafted websites and social media platforms. They work to create multi-dimensional developments, with fantastic user experience, that adapt to new roles as the world changes. Their creative output achieves high benchmarks precisely because they're engineered for their mission, whatever that mission may be.

Based in Montana, and with clients nationwide, BWC’s diversity gives them applied online experience in many different industries. Typically, they work on a limited number of projects to clearly focus on the unique specifics of the endeavor. Check out their portfolio to see some of the amazing projects they’ve created.

BWC has partnered with in designing and implementing a customized social web platform that was built for its wide audience and growing interests. A customized Facebook Page for eFamilyTV allows for another form of interaction on a personal level with the families who want discovery and support. Finally, with personalized e-newsletters, families can stay up to date with eFamilyTV just by checking their inbox.


  • Geoff McDonald, Client Management Director
  • Todd Scott, Creative Director
  • Tyler Carneal, IT/Development Director
  • Heidi Auseth, Creative Designer
  • Austen Cameron, Developer
  • Evan Johnson, Developer

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