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The Story of Exceptional Family TV

Nathan & Renee Charlan, parents of a child with special needs connected with and found insight from many exceptional families online through social networking, blogs and forums to create Exceptional Family TV, an online home destination for families raising children with special needs featuring a weekly online docu-reality series.

EFTV is an experience –

  • Giving a voice to exceptional families’ stories through a family produced docu-reality series
  • Connecting with other families in a fun social atmosphere (with an interactive Facebook Fan Page)
  • Opening a window into the realities, struggles and triumphs of amazing families raising children with special needs for the rest of the world to see
  • Providing a multimedia platform focusing on the wide variety of topics in the special needs community – family stories, news stories, information on new therapies/treatments/equipment/adaptable toys, and more
  • Real and open emotional discussions
  • Blog posts from a several diverse parent & family bloggers, all with unique situations and perspectives
  • Developing shopping area featuring products/toys/equipment and more for exceptional families.

Nathan and his wife, Renee, host the weekly series, interviewing other families and also sharing their own experiences in raising Zachary. The webisodes allow parents raising children with special needs (around the world) to share their stories/emotions/experiences. Webisodes also focus on volunteers and organizations serving the special needs community, and a multitude of other special needs topics.

In order to make the project a reality, EFTV enlisted the help of Warm Springs Productions and BridgeWorks Creative. Warm Springs Productions, a professional television production company out of Missoula, MT, helped produce and edit the first 10 episodes of season one. BridgeWorks Creative, a professional web design and development firm out of Bozeman, MT, created and maintains the website platform.

By January 2010, was born on the web as the online home destination for exceptional families worldwide - to provide a meaningful and informative web series just for you, blog posts just for you, a social networking platform just for you, forum discussions just for you – a voice and an experience just for you. All of us at Exceptional Family TV look forward to connecting with you, listening to your stories and sharing in each other's experiences.

Because we are not alone in this journey!

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