Episode 15 - The Oswald Family Part 2: One Big Active Family

Todd & Michelle continue tell the Charlans about Katy and her typical siblings' interaction as well as the difficulties of constructing a handicap-accessible addition to their home. Then Katy's siblings, Maggie & Brian, tell their perspective of life with Katy.

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Emily Farr wrote 7 years 45 weeks ago

What a beautiful family!  Makes me wish Eloise had older siblings.

Candi Montague-... wrote 7 years 45 weeks ago

Thank you for bringing awareness to the public that those of us with children with disabilities do live normal lives. Thanks for the show. I really enjoyed it.

MadyHenderson wrote 7 years 45 weeks ago

I always love but Nathan's Anchorman teleprompter reference was really a hit in my book :)

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