Spica Cast Care - Bath Time

Being in a chest-to-ankles body cast can cause a kid to get  quite stinky. When you can't get the cast wet at all, what's the best way to do bath time? Renee demonstrates what she does with Zak for all around spica cast bathing care.

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lizzysan22 wrote 7 years 4 days ago

How come Zak's cast stopped at his ankles? When I had mine in the late 80's & early 90's (I'm 26 now, & had 6 hip & leg op's in all) they covered most of my feet & left only my toes sticking out.... also in the pre-op vid you said the surgical pins would come out after a year? My pins & plates were left in & I still have them today... Maybe it's just an update in protocol.... hope you don't mind me asking, just curious  :)

Nathan Charlan wrote 7 years 1 day ago

Wish we had definitive scientific answers for you, but we don't. It's just what the doctors told us. : ) The doctor said that after a year, the bone would be fused back together, so they would remove the metal armature. And the cast style was just what they gave us. We had no reference to what it was like for this kind of operation from the '80s or '90s like you did, so we never asked about it.

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